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Meet the new standard in aesthetic process management. Nextmotion is the best solution for running a 100% connected aesthetic activity. Create dynamic standardized videos, manage your daily activities and learn about your patients.


Before and After captures meet your expectations

Static doesn’t speak but dynamic will let you speechless. Bring motion and emotion to your comparison captures in less than a minute. Document your practice, build your video portfolio and convince better your patients.


A fastest and easiest way to digitalize your practice

Welcome to the digital world. Let’s discover how we can make – with our powerful Nextmotion Connect web portal – your life easier by optimizing your workflow.


A patient connected system

Service is the key. With Nextmotion exclusive Health Data passport and its innovative technology you take services offered to your patients to the next level. Amaze them.

Re-think your practice and make the difference.


Innovation is 
our motivation

Our R&D team is always pushing our technological capabilities as far as possible. We offer standardized pictures taking, 3D live analysis, Augmented Reality tools in order to define the aesthetical work environment of tomorrow.

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