of your patients Create, Edit and Share in 1 minute

Next Motion Face & Body

An open and compact design
With an open and refined design, the Face & Body Next Motion will elegantly fit into your office.
Diameter: 1.20m, Height: 1.65m, Weight: 35kg

Please, have a seat
Make your patient seat and create 180° or 360° videos of its Face and/ or part of its body by moving up and down the front arm.

Before and after videos created with Next Motion

Next Motion Face

The machine made for faces
You don't have much space in your office: the Next Motion Face will suit you. Less than a meter diameter to create easily before and after of your patients' face
Diameter: 0.94m, Height: 1.95m, Weight: 20kg

Stand up!
Make your patient stand up to create the 180° or 360° videos of its Face.

Before and after videos created with Next Motion

A simple and complete solution in an App & a Web access

Create perfectly standardized Before and After videos in 1 single minute with your smartphone or your camera, Manage your Patients' files from any of your devices, Share your videos, treatment information and consent forms in 1 tap with your Patient, Follow your stock and your activity with relevant KPIs, ...

and a lot more. Everything at your fingertip

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Next motion app how does it work

New vision of Aesthetics

NEXT MOTION CONNECT stay tuned with your patients

They use Next Motion

Dr Miguel Stanley

Nextmotion is something that is groundbreaking and disruptive, and i think every practitioner should have one

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