The ultimate experience for your patients Confidence - Satisfaction - Transparency

A magic mirror able to unlock any doubts

  • Imagine to have the ability to show on your patient’s faces what you are able to achieve with the treatment discussed during the first consultation, just the same way they are looking at themselves in the mirror.

    For the first time in our field, Nextmotion’s technology made it possible using the power of Augmented Reality combined with a precise 3D face scanning . All of this Just with your latest iPhone and our Nextmotion device

    In real time, you are now able to change the shape of the nose or eyebrows, increase the volume of lips or chin, lift the jawline and more. You have now in hands the best converting tool ever

A portfolio of your doctor's know-how

  • Confidence is the key if you want your patient to go into a procedure. Picture are good but very few are comparable and all of them can easily be photoshopped. In addition, any small change with a parameter can completely trick the reality : putting the flash after and not before just “erases” lots of wrinkles, a little change with head positioning can simulate a lifting effect, etc…

    Unlike pictures, standardized videos will show with a total transparency the reality of the before/afters discussed with your patient. You will be able to make him feel emotions of the others patients already treated. Only videos can show the natural results you can get on the procedure discussed, under any angles

Offer the gold standard of your expertise

  • Nextmotion technology allow for the first time in he world to offer a full range of documentations with a single solution which is evolutive

    Before the procedure, you are able to achieve very accurate 3D captures in order to offer simulations

    After the procedure, you can now easily edit perfectly standardized before/afters videos to show the reality of your results in total transparency. From your videos you can extract pictures under any angles to get powerful image compares. All these content can be shared with your patients. And they will love it.