A tool created by a doctor
for doctors

Nextmotion has been created by a French aesthetic doctor to solve problems of standardisation of our before and after pictures.
We treat patients, not statues, this is why dynamic videos are more relevant than pictures to show our results and know-how to the patients we treat


Provide a turnkey solution to answer all your needs

Realize easily all your before and after videos in less than a minute, upload it into a secured cloud and share them in one tap with your patients

Nextmotion connect allow you to turn your practice 100% digital.
Provide the best service to each of your patients creating their digital health data passport from where they can check treatment plans discussed or medical reports of each procedure.
Doctors can create custom surveys to better know their needs, set up digital consent forms they can e-sign and track all the products used by taking pictures with the Nextmotion app.
Here are some of the powerful features proposed by Nextmotion connect

our goal

Always stay at the edge of the technology

Nextmotion is a one time buy solution.
Half of the technology is in your pocket. Each innovation coming from the industry will empower the solution you buy today.
Best example is the iPhone 7+ telelens that allows Nextmotion app to realize wonderful close-up of the face

Feed-backs received from our Doctors & Key Opinion Leader are precious and help us to improve day after day the user experience of the solution.
Powerful features are coming, thanks to the Nextmotion user's community


Seven generations of prototypes until the final version

Achieving creation of a tool, easy to use and also able to realize complex tasks was not easy
During 15 intense month of development, a worldwide team of 40 engineers worked on the project

Designers, ergonomists, mechanical & electronic engeneers worked on the device while 2 different teams worked on the development of the App & web service

Meet the team

Dr. Emmanuel Elard CEO - founder

Joël Schillio CDO - Lead designer

Alexandre Sister International sales manager

About the founder
Dr. Emmanuel Elard

Dr ELARD is a young aesthetic doctor that works in Paris since 2014.
Deeply interested in new technologies, photography and video editing, Nextmotion is the perfect matching between his passions and his work.