Creating value for physicians and patients worldwide

Since being established in 2015, NextMotion has become the world’s fastest growing and most innovative technology company dedicated to the aesthetic industry. We create cutting edge technology assets that solve problems within the industry.

Developed by experts for experts

Our unique imaging and patient management system has been developed by Dr Elard and a global faculty of international opinion leaders working in dermatology, cosmetic and plastic surgery. This collaboration allows us to offer a best-in-class global solution to enhance the practice of physicians around the world.

A constantly evolving solution

We live in an era of accelerating technological change, and with it, accelerated rates of obsolescence of equipments and technologies. Clinics and doctors always want to upgrade their systems but at what cost ?
Next Motion anticipate obsolescence by monitoring the state of our technology and tracking changes and needs in the industry, making it available to our users worlwide simply by running a single update of the Next Motion iOS app. One probably of our most valuable support asset is to make sure that our customers always access the latest features and improvments available from our solution at no extra cost.

Meet our international Nextmotion experts board

Dr. Uliana Gout MD, London

Dr Per Heden MD, Phd - Stockholm

Pr Jean-Paul Meningaud MD, Phd - Paris

Dr Constantin Stan MD - Bucarest

Dr Rolf Bartsch MD - Vienna

Dr Ali Pirayesh MD - Amsterdam