Best-in-class imaging system

The one and only photo & video booth

  • Our motorized equipment offers complete standardization of your patient’s before and after in less than a minute. Our unique and patented proprietary features will ensure to always have the same lighting, colors, camera and patient positioning.

    Next Motion Revolution being transportable (60cm diameter & 22kgs) will integrates seamlessly into your clinic without the need for a dedicated space. Its upper arm can move forward and backward to increase/decrease the distance needed to shoot instantly face or body videos, clinical photographies and 3D meshes.

A powerful app

  • Our intuitive Next Motion iOS App lets you control our rotating equipment for perfect image and video captures while enjoying all the powerful editing features available from the smartphone’s screen compared to traditional photo camera.

    All the data recorded with the smartphone will be instantly uploaded to our cloud based patient management interface (100% GDPR and Health data compliant), making them accessible anywhere, anytime.