A set of tools that fit your needs

Our devices

  • Nextmotion device is the motorized-mechanical part of the solution. Without it, don’t even think you’ll be able to achieve our perfectly standardized videos.

    It come in two different sizes, depending you needs and space available.

    Nextmotion Face & body is the biggest one and will bring you more stability & flexibility in order to shoot any parts of your patients. Patients are seaten for “face videos” and stand up for “bodies videos”. Dimensions are 120cm wide, 170cm height and a 35kg weight

    Nextmotion Face is dedicated for small clinics and practitioners that doesn’t realize before/after of bodies. Patient can only stand up. Its dimensions are 90cm wide, 180cm height and a 27kg weight

A powerful app

  • Nextmotion app will connect with your Nextmotion device and pilot its rotation around your patients while your smartphone will record videos. Nextmotion app will enhance the digitalization of your entire practice very easily, in few taps.

    All the datas recorded with your smartphone are synced with Nextmotion connect, our medical secured cloud, making them accessible from any connected platform

    Nextmotion app is available for iPhone (from now) & Android (around march 2108)

A whole ecosystem that works in a perfect harmony

  • Nextmotion connect is a web-portal accessible from internet for you and your team, but also for your patients

    It is the most advanced patient management system for your practice, built exclusively on doctor’s feedbacks, our teams worked hard to make it simple & powerful in order to fit everybody’s needs