Bring excellence to your Before & After Consistent - Reproductible - Dynamic

Image is a key, if not the key to aesthetic

  • More and more, patients are asking for before and after pictures that must be perfectly comparable which is not easy : temperature, exposure, lighting and patient positioning need to be taken into account each time.

    Thus a large part of your consultations is dedicated to taking pictures with a result that falls below your expectations.

    Before and after photos can be easily tricked or simply taken with flattering shots using improved posture, more subtle lighting that our patients doesn’t buy anymore.

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Reach the perfection in one single minute

  • Next motion is to date the most advanced technology to achieve perfectly standardized before-and-after 180° videos around the patients in less than a minute, following the exact same protocol every time using our unique patented technology.

    Beyond their high comparability, incredible photo and video showing results under any angles with movements and emotions will leave your patients in awe and convince them from the very first consultation.

    Imagine its potential on the treatment plans you will offer to your patients, just by showing them videos of your best procedures

    Imagine the positive impact of these videos in the hands of your patients when they show them to their friends and family? Next Motion offers you all these possibilities and more..

Show your best results. Under any angle.

  • It is often said that a picture worth a thousand words, and each of your video recorded provide hundreds pictures..

    Image compare tool allows you to extract any HD pictures from the video and superimpose them to showcase your results under the best angle you need, at any moment

3D is now easy. Thanks to your iPhone X

  • Latest iPhone X combined with our new Nextmotion Revolution device allows now to get 3D acquisitions in a very fast and simple way

    3D recording is very precise (up to 0,1mm precision) with accurate textures that opens the doors of volumetry, simulations and skin analysis directly on your iPhone 

    Use this 3D to perform volumes measurements and simulation with our companion app Nextmotion 3D