Dynamic is the Future We don't treat statues, this is why pictures are not relevant for our documentation. Welcome into the world of dynamic


  • Doctors are not photographers and we must admit that most of time, our photographic documentation is really poor regarding standardisation : face & camera positioning, colours and patient positioning are never the same on before & after pictures

    It is easy to cheat with a picture, almost impossible with a video. Your patients need new types of documentation to be convinced from their very first consultation

    Nextmotion was created to answer these problematic in a single solution

Our answers

  • Our smartphones are powerful

    Generations after generations quality of the pictures is better.

    The way we interact with their screen is unique and brings powerful solutions to allow a perfect standardisation

    Trough our patented ghost mode combined with Nextmotion device camera and patient positioning are perfect while color control feature allow you to adjust white balance & exposure,

    You are now able to produce in less than a minute perfectly standardized before/after videos in less than a minute

Show your best results. Under any angle.

  • It is often said that a picture worth a thousand words, and each of your video recorded provide hundreds pictures..

    Image compare tool allows you to extract any HD pictures from the video and superimpose them to showcase your results under the best angle you need, at any moment

    After reporting your injection points through the Face analysis tool, you will be able to know exactly where you have injected and the direct results

Take high quality standardized pictures

  • With Nextmotion app, it is also possible to take Pictures on-the-go, without the need of the machine

    Step by step, a specific process leads you produce the best B&A pictures possible

    Ghost mode and colour controls are also available to help you reaching the best level in your pictures standardisation   

3D is now easy. Thanks to your iPhone X

  • Last generation of iPhone allows our Nextmotion app to generate instantly an accurate 3D modelisation of the face of your patients

    Our dedicated servers process to the analysis of before/after 3D mapping and can measure accurately distances and volumes