Welcome the future Being at the cutting edge of the technology providing powerful tools and evolve with doctor's needs is the philosophy of our company, created by a doctor for doctors.

Be always at the cutting edge

  • Our smartphones evolve very quickly and today we can enjoy their last material updates just by downloading the last version of the Nextmotion app

    iPhone X enable 3D acquisitions, thanks to its powerful thrue depth module that allow us realize live tri-dimensional modelisations, so we can now analyse volumes injected without investing into expensive tools

AR is the future

  • Augmented Reality is the next step : a new generation of glasses is coming, starting with Hololens from Microsoft which scan its enironment and allow us to interact with it. Doctors will soon be able to visualize each muscles and arteries through the transparent glasses of Hololens, highlighting the danger zones while they are injecting  in order to provide more security for their patients, and a better understanding of the treatments they provide