Say hello to the future Augmented Reality is the next logical step in your practice. We are proud to be the pioneer in this field, bringing to the doctor's community a complete set of tools based on this cutting edge technology

Digital anatomy

  • Anatomy is one of the most important asset while performing aesthetic procedures to a patient.

    Our Nextmotion app offers an incredible feature revealing patient’s anatomy live in action.

    All the anatomic layers can be highlighted in movement precisely displayed on the patient’s face to better explain treatment options.

Brillant Magic Mirror

  • Our unique Magic mirror feature is here.

    After performing a 3D scan with Next Motion you’ll be able to show LIVE your patient how he could look like regarding the procedure proposed with the same feeling than looking at himself in a mirror!

    Only available with Nextmotion

Mixed reality technology

  • One more step beyond : connect your iPhone Xr with Hololens mixed reality device from Microsoft and you will be able to display in real time 3D holograms of the anatomic layers  directly on the face of your patients while you are performing a treatment!

    This stunning technology will also allow you to display custom injection patterns and the treatment plan prepared on your Nextmotion app

    It is also possible to reveal danger zones (where you should avoid needles and use cannulas), Phi beauty mask to check the golden proportions and lot of others incredible features

    Our mixed reality technology will be available in 2019