Bring communication
with your patients
to the Next level

A health data passport to work with transparency

  • When you patient is created in the system, a custom email is sent through Nextmotion connect and invite him to set up his own personal private space

    All the content of your treatments can be shared with them from your doctor’s interface

    The same way, they have access to the treatment plans discussed during the consultation and all others documents you need to share with them

Stay connected with your patients

  • Our dedicated Private Chat feature accessible from their private space allows your patients to stay in touch with you and you team when they are out of your clinic so you never miss a moment again to answer their needs

Ask for a good review. Because you worth it.

  • It is well known that it is easier to get bad reviews from angry people, than good ones from satisfied patients.

    This is why at the end of each reporting webpage sent to your patients, a « leave a review button » has been implemented, inviting them to spread the word about the good job you’ve done with them

    The same way, a custom email can be sent at any moment from your doctor’s access to ask your patients for leaving a good review about their experience in your clinic