A suite of built-in marketing features

Delight your patients, grow your practice

  • Service is key. Give your patients access to their records, videos and photos, treatment plans via their smartphone. Let them spread the word about their experience and results with their family and friends. Improve trust and loyalty in the most effective and easy way.

Testimonials make your business stand out

  • Facts are that happy patients are less likely to share unsolicited feedback and like any other business the average customer is not going to search for ways to leave your company a review (unless they have a negative experience to share).

    Next Motion « leave a review button »  helps by getting ahead of your happy patients and giving them a way in one click to leave on-the-spot reviews or testimonials that will appear on the link of your choice like google facebook or any other rating platforms.

    With that unique feature make sure to take your e-reputation to the Next level.

Social media engagement boosts online visibility

  • Next Motion allows patients to post in one click their before afters videos and photos on social media such as facebook and Instragram. Posts are made with specific format adapted automatically for the chosen platform and includes watermarks branding the name of the Doctors or the clinic.

    Think out of the box and differentiate your practice with patients incentives programs increasing awareness of your clinic and services.