Begin to re-think your practice. From now. Welcome into a digital world, with no paper & an improved workflow. Your team and your patients will love.

We are digital

  • Our solution is cloud based, meaning all the datas recorded with your smartphone (videos, 3D, pictures of patients/products used/consent forms signed,  will be instantly uploaded into our secured cloud and be accessible from any connected platform (Computers, tablets, smartphones)

    Nextmotion connect can also interface with any other cloud-based systems (online agendas, invoicing softwares, ec..) through our API

Tools designed to improve your workflow

  • Because we believe your time is precious, Nextmotion teams works hard to provide you the most advanced tools in order to optimise it

    Digital consent forms that auto-fill with your patient’s name/date of the day, digital prescriptions and digital traceable stock are among the best features you will enjoy using our solution

    You can forget about printing papers for your patients : better to share everything directly on their own private Nextmotion account

We take care of your business

  • Improving your conversion rate has never been so easy since now, you can show instantly your best cases during a consultation through our powerful interface.

    Your patients will be amazed by your know how and easily be convinced to follow your treatment plans

    Our « leave a review functionality » will empower your e-reputation : when you feel the best moment is coming, you can send in one clic a request to your patients so they can spread the word about the good work you’ve achieved