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The gold standard for your before/afters

  • Image is our raw material. Without it, impossible to show the reality of your results, do the follow-up or argue with unsatisfied patients not happy enough with their results. Doctors are not photographers and lots knows how difficult and time consuming it is to get perfectly standardized results regarding before/afters

    Too many parameters must be mastered : Lighting, patient’s and camera positioning, white balancing are some of them. After the editing, you get few pictures which doesn’t cover all the angles

    Our game changing solution allows to provide perfectly standardized before/afters videos very easily . Video have more impact than pictures. Only videos will catch emotions of your patients and show the reality of your results with a total transparency

A cutting edge technology at your service

  • Our augmented reality and mixed reality technology will blow your mind.

    Explain your treatment plan using the latest iPhone X and iPad pro able to map your patient’s face and display our dynamic anatomic mask to better explain your vision. With this impressive exclusive feature, your patients can now uncover their anatomy and perfectly understand the procedure discussed.

    Hololens glasses combined with our technology allows to project 3D holograms on the face of your patients.Wearing this device, any layer of their anatomy, the danger zones or the best injecting points can be displayed with this impressive technology coming from the future

Optimize your workflow

  • Nextmotion is also a powerful patient management software created for your aesthetic practice in order to save time and stay entirely focused on your patients.

    This service is cloud based and can be used on any computer, all you will need is an internet connection. Patient’s medical datas, electronic consent forms, digital trace-ability and prescriptions are among the most useful features you will enjoy

    Experience our Business intelligence tools : allowing you to track live the amount of treatments performed, products used or new patients seen on any range of time. Follow your stock of products in real-time and get alerts when you need to place a new order to never miss a treatment anymore

Increase your visibility

  • In few steps you will be able to use the powerful content you have in hands for your social medias and/or your marketing. Blur eyes automatically, add your watermark and your logo and push your before/after video, picture or 3D directly from your Nextmotion app have never been so easy

    This is one of the best ways to increase your visibility on social media and get more patients that will be convinced with your video port-folio from the very first consultation