Turnkey Solution for Medical and Aesthetic Practice Edit and manage documents, maintain customer relationships, share knowledge and market your services.

A cloud based solution

  • Our easy-to-use, integrated practice management and electronic health record will help your business to prosper, so you can focus on what matters most – caring for your patients.

    Data protection and insurance regulations are becoming increasingly demanding for clinics. For example all data must be properly encrypted and stored securely – whilst patient records must be held on file for at least 10 years. This represents a significant storage issue for clinics still relying on paper- based systems !

    Being 100% HIPAA & GDPR compliant, our interface allows you to efficiently capture and securely store all elements of the patient journey in an easy-to-access digital format, making them accessible anywhere anytime. 

Go paper free. Improve your workflow

  • Forget about to time consuming record keeping, while still having / performing good medical records. 

    Our next-generation clinic management system helps you to optimize your workflow and maximize each and every patient that walks through your door. 

    Next Motion brings together video and photography capture, editing, consultation note taking and pre-fill customizable consent forms into one clean and efficient process. 

    Our clinic management system also helps you to improve your business by understanding your data. Business reporting feature allows you to select and view multiple dynamic reports and performance analysis on your business or keep an eye our your stock level updated in real-time so you can focus on key areas of importance.

Secure patient portal

  • Next Motion Patient portal is an extension of your clinic that allows your patients to securely engage with you through their personal secured space but also enhance their overall experience. 

    This premium service provides to your patients a free and convenient way to stay in touch with your practice, access clinical records, videos, photos, treatment plans and treatment brochure that you decide to share via their smartphone.

Stay connected with your patients

  • Our chat service available from the patient portal allows each member of your practice, from the front-desk staff to physicians to communicate directly with your patients. Whether it’s answering to patients questions, sharing information about upcoming appointments, scheduling follow-up visits, your connected practice will run more efficiently.