Turn your smartphone into a high-resolution 3D camera

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Innovative tools for “larger than life” results


Capture realistic 3D simulations

In just a few seconds, you can use your iOS device to capture remarkably realistic 3D facial scans of your patients.

Put their minds at ease by showing them a 3D simulation of the recommended treatment during their consultation, right from your iPhone or iPad.


Augmented Reality turns your iPad into a Magic Mirror

Offer your patient a whole new experience by turning a classic 3D simulation into a treatment they can visualize before even starting any procedure.


Injections report

Nextmotion 3D allows any user to report the treatment plan directly on the scanner of his patient. In addition to the product used, is possible to report the depth, the layer and the volume 


Danger zones

Our team of experts has added all the danger zones where you should use a cannula instead of a needle in order to avoid complications related to the use of fillers



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NextMotion 3D offers a revolutionary digital anatomy module

Your advantages

What will set your practice apart from your competitors is the level of care you can offer to your patients. In addition to the time our tools will save you, you'll be able to communicate efficiently with your patients through our dedicated channels. This will boost that "premium feeling" your patients will get with your clinic and build patient loyalty.

The benefits for your patients

What will always differentiate you from your competitors is the quality of service you will offer your patients. In addition to the time savings provided by our tools, the possibility of being able to communicate effectively with your patients via privileged channels will reinforce the "premium" feeling generated by your clinic and will certainly build loyalty among your patients.

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