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Creating value for physicians and patients worldwide

Since being established in 2015, NextMotion has become the world's fastest growing and most innovative technology company dedicated to the aesthetic industry. We create cutting edge technology assets that solve problems within the industry.


Launch of the first
NextMotion face & body.
Two international patents.


Implementation of
NextMotion Connect with
innovative digital tools.


45 units installed
in 15 countries.
Raise of 575 K€.



AR and mixed reality.
Considered as most
innovative company
in aesthetics.

NextMotion Revolution


Worldwide presence.
Release of NextMotion
Revolution. 3D and simulation
features. Raise of 1 million €.

Creating value for physicians and patients worldwide


Dr Emmanuel Elard

Founder & CEO
Since our beginnings, we invested most of our time and money in R&D. We are now a fast growing company with industrial processes ready to conquer the world. Thanks to our experts board that invested €1 million in 2019, our roadmap is constantly enriched with disruptive solutions and updates for our clients.

Developed by experts for experts

Per Heden MD PhD

Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery at the Karolinska University. Founder of Akademikliniken, Europe’s largest plastic surgery hospital. Inventor of a new technology for simplified segmental fat grafting. One of the earliest users of botulinum toxin (1994) and HA fillers (1996), he has held numerous international workshops and demonstrations relating to the optimal use of these products.

Per Heden

Constantin Stan MD PHD

Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Head and Neck Surgeon at UMF Bucharest. Member of the Romanian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS and IPRAS). Active educating plastic surgeon.

Constantin Stan

Jean-Paul Meningaud Professeur

Maxillofacial Surgeon Head of the department of plastic and maxillofacial surgery University Hospital Henri Mondor, France. Member of the French National Academy of Surgery. Author of numerous scientific publications.

Jean-Paul Meningaud

Nabila Azib

International speaker and coauthor of several books. She has been Scientific Director of the ICAAM Congress in Dubai for several years, Scientific Coordinator of Face2F@ce Congress in Cannes, and she is now Scientific Director of the Expert2Expert Annual Convention in Istanbul. As a Plastic Surgeon, she is able to provide in-depth insights into anatomy and the related importance of experience-oriented treatments.

Nabila Azib

Rolf Bartsch

Plastic Surgeon specializing in breast surgery and treatments dealing with fat and cellulite (VASER ® AD Lipo, Cellfina®, Fattransfer, Bodysculpturing). Active educating surgeon for botulinum toxin, fillers and threads. Inventor of the 4D Concept.

Rolf Bartsch

Ali Pirayesh MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. President of the Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Member of the royal College of Surgeons of England and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Inventor of artificial skin - Glyaderm®.

Ali Pirayesh


On the field, technical experts at your service


Augustin Lacroix

Business developer & Global account manager

Matthieu Suire

Business developer & head of marketing

Axel Chameaux

Business developer & sales

Joel Schillio

Lead designer & UX expert

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