The world's first autonomous injector robot

Meet LENA, the first injector robot self-piloted with artificial intelligence, dedicated to aesthetic medicine

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A new chapter opens in the aesthetic industry 

Introducing LENA (Light Enabled Neuro-robotic Arm), our latest generation autonomous robotic arm able to perform botulinum toxin injections with formidable precision.

Unlike the human hand, LENA will reach each of the injection points you have chosen with a sub-millimeter precision without ever shaking or tiring.
The localization of the injection points as well as their depth will be perfectly achieved thanks to its medical robotic arm equipped with 6 axes.
Combined with an electronic syringe capable of consistently delivering doses calibrated to the thousandth of a ml, the injections performed by LENA are constant and perfectly reproducible.
Light Enabled Neuro-robotic Arm


A 3D vision and a dedicated app

The patient's face is previously scanned in 3D to allow you to report the injection points via a dedicated iOS application. These will then be sent to the robot.

LENA is equipped with a 3D camera capable of perceiving depth and measuring distances. After receiving your treatment plan, the robot will come alive and complete the injection points without any pain for the patient.

The whole procedure will be done under the strict supervision of a doctor.

IMCAS 2023

Meet LENA and its capabilities

NextMotion team would be more than pleased to meet you during IMCAS Paris 2023 

✧ You'll be able to attend live demo of LENA performing injections on a human's silicon face


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