The next level
of remote trainings

Bring immersive remote training to the next level with mixed reality and holographic technologies.

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A new standard is born

NextMotion VirtualClasses is a smart and efficient alternative to traditional training formats which is cost saving for companies and impactful for students willing to master the newest techniques using an immersive environment where they can have a direct interaction with their trainer.

Hololens device


All you need is web

VirtualClasses requires only one Hololens device to work (included in the package). The rest of the technology is accessible from a single weblink with your iOS device or laptop.


The future of
online teaching

The teacher can lead a remote masterclass wearing a Hololens. Remote students can attend his session and interact with the teacher from their iPhone, iPad and laptop using Google Chrome.


Learn in an
immersive way

Students can benefit from a remote training session wearing a Hololens. Teachers can guide them remotely from his iPad or laptop using Google Chrome. Everybody can interact in an immersive way.

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Training is a key driver of growth for aesthetic industries.

Customers need first to be convinced by the efficiency of the products proposed by the brand and learn how to use them properly in order to achieve the same results with their own patients. Today, multiple training formats are available with variable costs for companies

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Since our birth,
we kept on growing
at light speed pace.

NextMotion is an innovative MedTech company established since 2016 which has started by proposing a photographic documentation solution. Furtherly, the company has created a EMR/SaaS platform to help doctors digitize their entire workflow and propose an innovative private web platform to their patients.


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Our imaging, digitization and simulation solutions can be used both altogether and separately. Combine with us solutions to obtain the maximum benefit of our technology.