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Our unique all in one solution combines most advanced technologies to document, digitize and market a medical aesthetic practice. Next Motion offers the most complete imaging  system on the market, connected to an intuitive and powerfull patient management interface.


Mastering the art of Before & Afters

Static doesn’t speak but dynamic will let you speechless. Bring motion and emotion to your captures in less than a minute. Whether you are marketing to prospective clients or tracking the effectiveness of procedures, you can create standardized before and after videos, photos or 3D of your patients almost instantly.


Digitalize your workflow

Go paper-free with our cloud-based patient management solution, which works seamlessly across multiple devices. Simplify key tasks such as patient file, medical questionnaires, consent forms, treatment plans, videos & photographs. Save time on administration, optimize your workflow and increase your productivity.


Grow your business

Next Motion offers unique assessment tools to interact with your patients, build complete treatment plans and set appropriate expectations about their treatment options.Use your video and image portofolio to close more complimentary procedures and increase your convertion rate.

Create powerful content for social media, Manage your e-reputation and encourage referrals and testimonials in a simple and efective way. Concentrate on your patients and let NextMotion market your practice.


Driven by the spirit of innovation

NextMotion is the first company in the world to introduce augmented reality technology into aesthetic by providing next-generation tools redefining tomorrow’s medical aesthetic environment.

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