The ultimate level of standardization for unrivaled image quality

Effortlessly create Before/After photos or videos to showcase your expertise.

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Telephone Application
Quick access :
  • Capture Application
  • Ring Light
  • Nextmotion Revolution Device

The gold standard for your Before/After images

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Push the standardization of your images to the next level

Patient Positioning Ghost Image
Consistent patient positioning
Color Calibration
Color reproduction capabilities
Live Photos
Identical lighting and shadows
Export Photo Montages

Powerful “Image Compare” technology

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Combine the NextMotion Capture app with NextMotion Ring Light or Revolution devices


Ring Light
Quick access :
  • Capture Application
  • Ring Light
  • Nextmotion Revolution Device

Upgrade the level of your Before/Afters

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A compact photo studio

The NextMotion Ring Light setup includes additional tools to hone your level of standardization. We’ll provide a custom background featuring your logo, a circular LED lamp to regulate the lighting environment, and foot markers so that each shot captures the same exact distance and patient positioning.

Fully customizable solution

Your background can be personalized by request with:
- Your graphic charter
- Your colors
- Your logo

IMG_0634 2-1
Photo Studio Nextmotion

An easily-transportable and professional setup

Are you going on a major business trip?
Do you work in several clinics?
Take your studio with you!

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Nextmotion Revolution Device
Quick access:
  • Capture Application
  • Ring Light
  • Nextmotion Revolution Device

Reach the ultimate level of standardization

NM Revolution table@2x

The power of dynamic videos

The NextMotion Revolution motorized device combined with the NextMotion Capture app captures state-of-the-art before and afters with every shot. With this unique combination, you can shoot pictures and dynamic videos at the highest possible level of standardization.

The NextMotion Capture app can automatically blur your patient’s eyes, remove the background, add subtitles to your videos, and change the formatto instantly make your images social media-ready.

Create powerful comparisons

You can extract still photos at any angle from your before/after videos at any desired timing in order to show your best results. NextMotion Capture allows you to easily capture screen recordings, share this content with anyone, and publish it to your favorite social media network in one tap.

Designed for both the face and body

The NextMotion Revolution device can shootface, hair, and body images at the same level of standardization. The height-adjustablefrontal arm and backdrop screen give you the powerto always shoot your patients with the utmost precision.

A compact and motorized photo booth

The NextMotion Revolution device can fit in most clinics.It is powered by an internal battery and rotates around itself,meaning it can be used anywhere. It fits in a regular flight case and can be shipped worldwide and assembled with ease. We offer online video trainingsat no extra cost as well as instant remote assistance.

The dimensions are: 

- Height: 175 cm
- Width (on the ground): 65cm
- Width (from backdrop screen to frontal arm): 115cm
- Weight: 30kg


Nextmotion revolution device dimensions

Want to use the NextMotion Ring Light in your clinic?

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Explore our Before/After video gallery

An overview:
NextMotion Capture Devices at a glance





Frontal patient positioning
Colors calibration
(white balance, exposure)
Before/After Photos
Before/After Live-Photos
Camera <-> Patient distance
LED lighting control
Lateral patient positioning
Dynamic Videos
(180°, 360°, 720°)

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